Mar 092013

If At Least One In Ten Leads Don’t Buy A House, You Pay NOTHING!

This web site is for Canadian real estate agents and brokers. We want to send you qualified leads, starting NOW.

We find clients who are ready to buy NOW. All we ask is that you be excellent at customer service, and be an open-minded professional who is interested in creative solutions to common real estate problems, such as lack of down payment, or credit problems.

The deals we send you will involve such things as …

- rent to own
- foreclosure help
- down payment loans
- B and private lenders

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of creative real estate investing. More about Creative Real Estate here, at the Internet’s authority site for creative real estate.

If you’re not closing more deals because of us, you don’t pay us a cent.

Chris brings 25 years of marketing and sales experience.

Scott brings 15 years of Internet marketing experience.

These aren’t the crappy $5 to $50 leads that get sent to multiple realtors. We deliver high quality and we charge accordingly. Before beginning a working relationship, you will instruct us on what screening process we should use for incoming leads, and under which circumstances a lead should be forwarded to you, or kept in our database for later consideration, or dismissed.

Get more information on our “Consulting Program” page. Currently only available to Canadian real estate agents.

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